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Piedmont Pipe Construction – Web, Photo and Video

Piedmont Pipe Construction is a leading provider of underground utilities in and around the Carolinas. They approached us in need of enhancing their web presence but more than that, they needed quality imagery to help show the full scope of what they can do for their customers. Their existing website had never actually been completed so rather than pick up where the other group left off, we scrapped it and started from scratch.

What appealed to the leadership at Piedmont Pipe Construction was our ability to work independently, from not only developing the website but gathering all of the necessary content to ensure their image was adequately represented by the finished product. We visited a number of different job sites to capture content of a variety of different processes and situations that help to tell their story.

Working with Piedmont Pipe Construction perfectly illustrates the lengths to which we are willing to go for our clients. Our first shoot required reporting to the job site at 6:30 AM in order to attend a mandatory safety briefing with the managing GC to even be allowed onsite. We spent time inside trench boxes, as deep as 25 feet in the ground, to gather the content necessary to build out their website in a way that would clearly communicate who they are and how they serve their customers.

Below is a promotional video we produced during the project as well as a series of photos from various shoots. You can view the completed website as well as several galleries of photos at PiedmontPipeConstruction.com

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