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May 22, 2019
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300 Jeeps Parade Through Neighborhood for Boys 8th Birthday

created by dji camera

We caught wind of a special story in the making on Facebook recently and after doing a little research, couldn’t help but get involved. Wanting to make her son’s 8th birthday one to remember, Heather Bauduin took to Facebook to see if anyone with a Jeep might be interested in driving through her neighborhood. A few local Jeep enthusiasts spread her message to forums and other private Facebook groups and before you know it, over 300 Jeeps congregated in the Lowes Home Improvement parking lot in Troutman.

We contacted the organizer to let him know we would be available to document the whole event and after capturing the staging scene, made our way to the boys home to capture the parade coming through the neighborhood.

We knew we had a story, we just weren’t sure how big it might get. Within a few days the Facebook post (below) had been viewed over 150,000.

The excitement continued as John Krasinski (of The Office Fame) went on to feature the event and our video on his recently launched web series Some Good News in which he highlights heartwarming stories from around the globe taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to keep this good news going, we invite you to share the original Facebook post HERE or if you’d like to embed the video in a forum or on a website to highlight this amazing act of kindness, you can find/share the YouTube link below.

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