At Heightened Creative, we're not afraid to get dirty. In fact, it's commonplace in our line of work. Whether we're holed up in an RV for 10 days in the Mojave Desert to cover an event or traipsing around the North Carolina National Forest in August humidity to create a web series...

...it's just what we do.

And to be clear, getting dirty isn't the only thing we do. We work with a variety of clients in a number of different industries ranging from manufacturing to motorsports, non profits to ministries.We specialize in adaptability and pride ourselves on our unique ability to create and share your story with the world.



Seth Fargher is the creator and founder of Heightened Creative. After moving to Southern California to pursue a (short) career in action sports, Seth dove headlong into the world of content creation. Seth's background in journalism has given him a unique ability to craft a story and tell it in an informative and engaging way. With the increasing popularity of Social Media, Seth has continued to produce content and "tell stories" for clients across the country in a variety of industries.

To contact Seth or find out how Heightened Creative can help you create influence and authority in your marketplace by crafting and sharing your story, get in touch!