Welcome to Heightened Creative

We are a one stop marketing and design laboratory intent on helping you leave an impact on your audience. Every company, brand and product has a story…our goal is to help you tell it.


As consumers, we see thousands of marketing messages every day. From billboards along the freeway to ads on TV, web and in magazines. For brands, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make your message stand out in a seemingly over saturated marketplace.


What does your website say about your brand or business? Like it or not, in this digital age a website is all too often the only "first impression" you'll get.


Don't just tell perspective customers what you do, SHOW them! We can help you tell your story in a meaningful and impactful way that lets your customers know exactly what they can expect from working with you.



Smartphone pictures are great for social media, but not much else. If you're looking for visually stunning photos of your products for use on your website or in marketing materials, we offer photography and retouching services to ensure your product is looking the best it possibly can.


From brand identity to marketing materials such as fliers, brochures and advertisements, let us put our creativity to work for you.